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Under pressure leak sealing


Leak Sealing is an online leak repair service performed on operating flange, pipelines and fitting, without production interruption,so that the system can continue to operate avoiding expensive shutdown or losses. GAPESCO Technologies can help you prevent expensive shutdowns by providing safe, controlled onsite and online leak repairs for any leaking process.

  • Leaks are often associated with the following problems:
- Leaks are expensive
- High pressure and temperature leaks are associated with machines that cannot shutdown.
- High pressure and temperature leaks are dangerous to the safety of workers
- High pressure and temperature leaks are sources of enironmental pollution.
- Leak repairs are expensive and most methods require system to be shutdown
- Traditional methods of Leak repairs are temporary and sometimes ineffective.
- Traditional methods of leak repair are limited to low pressure and temperature applications.


We provide leak sealing service with the following advantages:

- Trained and experienced leak sealing specialist
- Apply latest under-pressure leak sealing techniques
- Meet all Process Safety Management requirements
- Sealants available for any applications
- Off-the-shelf leak sealing clamps for any applications
- Quick custom-made repair clamps